scatola della luce

scatola della luce

project marionanni 2008

permanent collection
triennale design museum milano

travel lamp in white doubled pasteboard, consisting of a sheath and an inner drawer housing a 1W 3200K white led; two versions are available: a battery operated one with it's charger and one with an internal power unit with it's 1500mm long cable and switch. the scatola della luce (light box) can hold various kinds of objects. the drawer is free to slide and a light of variable intensity is thrown onto the supporting surface through little windows, making it into both a portable reading lamp and an illuminated plaything. the box is available in two sizes: 130x130x40mm or 130x260x45mm. in the battery operated version it can be laced on any side.

product by Viabizzuno series Alvaline