campanili di luce

project marionanni 2009

rechargeable table and suspended lanterns made of synthetic nautical paper set on chrome-plated steel base and structure, wired for 1W warm light led, fit with batteries for eight hours of independent operation. battery charger included. these lights are shaped like the bell towers seen from the top floor balcony at cà giustinian in venice. the special processing of the paper, with certain architectural details punched in, creates a suggestive design of solid and empty spaces and this is emphasized when the light is turned on.

the light projects the design depicting the façade of the bell towers onto the support surface. they are designed to be hung along the edge of the balcony and, once they are hanging, they swing rhythmically with the wind and tides. and yet these lanterns can also be used as light for strolling, the ideal welcome light for the home.

product by Viabizzuno serie Alvaline for the venice biennale

'the privileged view from the terrace on the top floor of cà giustinian is unique. to see venice from above, at dusk, as far as the eye can see, with a three hundred and sixty degree panoramic view, inspired me to create these paper lanterns. these unique, handmade, rechargeable pieces are made in the shape of certain venetian bell-towers and fitted with a metal hook for hanging them in the open and making them sway to the rhythm of the wind and the tides, lanterns that go with you and illuminate your path, guiding you in the domestic environment, gentle points of light in motion that escort the eye without encroaching on the view.' mn