bottega, casa, museo
via santo stefano 94, bologna

a breath, a gesture
where light penetrates the trace
a new reflection begins.
suddenly, from a wide gesture, of breath and open boundary,
a new philosophy of thought comes to life. mn

since 2015
the new path of the master of light
originates from the renaissance workshop.
always faithful to his principle of savoir-faire,
to the poetics of design,
a house, a museum, a library,
an artist's residence, a school.
marionanni virgola
is what people, experiencing it, will make it become.
a place for 'making a culture of savoir-faire',
to learn a trade by touching the work of great masters of art,
architecture, photography, design, fashion.
marionanni opens his house to the city,
an eighteenth-century palace
of exquisite craftsmanship
and bound by the superintendent
of architectural assets,
bringing light to what
has long lived in the shadows.
the comma lies precisely in this: a breath, a gesture
that through the light that penetrates it initiates a new reflection.
a series of works carried out by marionanni over the years,
works that see light interact, dialogue
and ultimately merge with matter.
not least in the museum
spaces is the photographic project 'illuminate the light',
a collection of michelangelo's light signs on moses.
with a unique exhibition language in the world,
via santo stefano 94 wants to be an act of love
towards all light, from the artificial led to the natural sunlight,
with the great passion expressed in half a century
of activity in observing it, designing it, and telling it.
a place of study between
pause, reflection, and dynamism;
an ideal space, in constant transformation
where artisanal experience, material knowledge, design culture
can pass and expand from generation to generation.
the master's house where dreams become material,
where design experience embodies
a path from thought to object, from intuition to work;
the house where light is at work.