termometro di luce, 2008
zabalburu square, bilbao, spain

termometro di luce
bilbao, 2008


the thermometer of the city, a light project driven by two precise needs: improve the urban traffic circulation in a strategical area of bilbao and at the same time offer to the people a new place to meet, confront themselves, play and relax.

the objective of the light project is not only to illuminate a space, it has to communicate and create emotions; for this reason the light thermometer is conceived as element capable of measuring several factors, such as the wind speed, the humidity percentage, rain falling, lunar phases, the level of acustic or air pollution and a watch.

following the architectural beautification zabalburu square will accomodate 8 luminous sculptures, 15 meters high. the sculptures are made of resin with a steel soul and a rgb system controlled through a software connected to sensors which, according to the temperature variation or the first rain drops, will change colour. the sculpture turns into a graphic sign, mutating its colours, living means of communication for the people.

lighting of the green spaces and the roads surrounding and passing through the square is made with 150W metal halide projectors, mounted inside openings along the body of the sculpture. The projectors can be independently orientated and dimmed.

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