o'dino, 2009
cm 700 x 700 x 700
mirrors, metal, meret oppenheim’s table “trace” and light

traces, glowing signs of a passion, a way of life searching for the right light. working among shadows, lights and reflections on a “trace”, table by meret oppenheim, 1939, the unique table with two legs only! on the occasion of the festival dei due mondi in spoleto, in the XIV century albornoz fortress, at the top of the city, maestro dino gavina’s objects, from his ultra rational and ultra mobile collections, merge with marionanni’s design language. it’s an itinerary that goes beyond commemoration and celebration as it wants to blow new life into these objects, by giving them new spaces and features. this is the o’dino project. light opens a dialogue of traces: the table planned by meret oppenheim in 1939 is a trace, as traces are also marionanni’s shadows of light who treated traces as the glowing signs of a passion, of a way of living searching for the right light. light plays and enchants, cheats and amazes, and the platinum table, that originally meret oppenheim wanted in gold, turns again to gold thanks to marionanni’s light. an illusion, a magic or simply a tribute?