luce tra le dita, 2000

luce tra le dita

marionanni marcello chiarenza


milano 2000

palermo 2000

londra 2001

barcellona 2001

copenhagen 2002

san vito al tagliamento 2002

castello di millesimo 2003


luce tra le dita is generated by the awareness that behind a simple and ordinary gesture, such as lighting a candle and a lamp, there is always a whole world of emotions.

the depth and beauty of a gesture are directly tied to the space that contains it: the home that protects and holds our intimacy.

"i shut the door behind me, i enter my house and empty my pockets and leave behind all the things that were essential to me outside. in the dark, i look for a contact something to light up the spirit of the house. a simple, but necessary gesture, forgotten among the daily routine. to light up a bulb is a simple magic."

luce tra le dita, marcello chiarenza, chiarenza