le gocce bologna, 2003
la luce diventa materia

542 plexiglass tubes lit one by one by 3,000 white and blue led are the lighting for the drops. a sophisticated software, created specially for the project, is programmed to switch on and control the lights alternately: the programme can be modified at any time by the operator to an infinite series of possible combinations. the choice of innovative technology with led allows the use of a powerful and flexible source of light which reaches and highlights the formal architectural work. the led selected for the project is of the lambertian type, having a curvature of 70°, further corrected by means of a 6° lens, so that the light emanated becomes an almost straight beam, controlled and precise, visible from a considerable distance, ideal for a type of architecture such as the drops, which require beams of light projected upwards: light is canalised within the plexiglas tubes and captured by special knots positioned along the vertical axis.

le gocce, bologna, mario cucinella, cucinella