le altalene, 1985
cm 200 x 200 x 500, cm 300 x 300 x 500
wood, iron, rope, light

the travel of single that bathes, lapsing into darkness, leaving his dreamlike thoughts wave in the blue, illuminated by the light of a path ahead. the engaged couples. two swings side by side brush against each other, letting hands to touch. it is the young, immature, playful and timid seduction game. the lovers, meet and separate, touch and go away expressing the strenght of their love in the collision as well as in the absence, in a waving rocking of seduction and abandon. it is the moment when fulfilled desired fill fantasies with pleasure. when pleasure exceeds mind. the threesome: three swings that accommodate a couple, but leave room for a third person to join in, should the desire for forbidden pleasures get the better of them.


le altalene, il singolo

le altalene, l’avvicinamento la seduzione

le altalene, gli amanti

le altalene, quando il piacere supera la mente