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la luz de las páginas blancas, 2003

casa decor

a 8 metre-pallet wall crosses the hall like a partition curtain monumental but light and transparent. the light goes through the pallet holes, rectangles drawn on the surface they are reflected on. inside the wall white sheets of paper, as if to remind that its origins come from the wood, to show the development of its life. the sheets of paper can be held in the hand and put under the light. this is the "pozzo dei desideri" (wishing well), the reflection that we look for throughout the white page light. I leaf through the pages. the space that surrounds me is totally dark. the light coming from the long cut is the only light I can count on and it changes, modifies its colour. in a corner, three giant drops, 7 metre high, made of transparent material and supported by glass fibre bars. the two main sources of life come out of them, melted and simultaneous: light and water.