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l'altare dei popoli, 2012

cm 280 x 245 x 9, 5 minutes and 50 seconds length
aluminium and liv, variable images light bulb.

In the hyper communicative chaos only the dialogue makes the people get together and light becomes the common ground of it. the individual light becomes common light: the religious contemplation takes place through the renaissance colours cross. the narration is expressed in the renaissance tones of the tissues of light: blue, green and red that fade away in the grey ground… and along the contemplation turns into gold.
“l’altare dei popoli”, age-old labyrinth that scatters and finds again now as then, ritual anthill and formula uno circuit, flat map and tactile mixture volume. light defines a treatment to great painting, punctuating with light the bend of every bend. it enters and exits, embodies again visions and meetings; it moulds mind structures, takes root on things, clarifies the borders.