cosa stai cercando?

i guerrieri della luce, 2002

cm 290 x Ø43
metal, light tools

fonderie battaglia, milano

the twelve warriors are artworks of light with a great symbolic meaning, twelve statues arranged to represent twelve light symbology: the stars, the sun, the fire, the moon, the king of light, the queen (performed by a tv screen: false and inviting like a woman), the brave warrior (with wires uncovered), the wax warrior (the light of candle) and four warriors dedicated to reflection (each of them appears mirroring differently who looks at them). these artworks, that can live also separately, compose the luminous army of the living and complex thought of a man who has light in his eyes.

you are me,
you are in front of me,
you stay at my side
you are behind me
you remain next to me
always faithful
always sincere you accompany me
you brave warrior
you waxen warrior
you reflective warrior
you king of the absolute
queen of dreams
fire and moon
archaic army of my company
the saga of every day
you teach me how to live
in the light.