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gaudí centre reus, 2007

catalonia, spain
a light to light up architecture

the light project for the gaudí centre reus, besides the m6 and m2 spotlights that light up the whole museum, has led me to design different special lights that have been made to measure.

in one of the three museum rooms I plumb-lined several natural-shaped lights on a reus plant. these indicate the places where antoni gaudí's projects stand and create a small ceiling on his architectures with a diffused blue light. the photos of the facades of those same buildings are on show on the cables that suspend the lights and are lit by a narrow white beam.

blank pages made with the 094 system recall attention and narrate gaudí's works, to be discovered beyond the turning panels.

I then made an artificial sun that rises, turns and goes down around a model of a dome designed by gaudí. this way, the light beams that enter this architecture can be read. meanwhile, the variable-image light lights up the surrounding space with luminous plane leaves that recall the natural shapes that so much influenced gaudí's art nouveau.

in the conference room, I designed special hand-sculpted wooden stools which, with an rgb led system underneath each seat, light up, colour and highlight the interior.