dentro l'opera, 2009
dentro l'opera di massimo bottura, faenza april

the famous chef invited to the festival of contemporary art for a great event of art and contemporary cuisine

massimo bottura is among the 126 major figures of international contemporary art invited to attend the second festival of contemporary art held in faenza from 17 to 19 April, dedicated to the theme on biennials / tutto sulle biennali. the festival will be a journey dedicated to the world's biennial festivals, which will begin with the 53rd venice biennale, related by the director daniel birnbaum and continue up to the next presentation of documenta, which will take place in kassel in 2012, directed by carolyn christov-bakargiev. to mark the opening night of the festival, a special event was held in which leading figures of the festival went 'inside the work' of the chef, guided in a discovery of his creations that have won awards throughout the world.

bottura accompanied artists, curators and other international personalities of art on a unique journey, demonstrating the inspirations, the processes and the materials underlying the origin of some of his iconic creations and introducing a new dish, the language of the world, created on the theme of the festival and dedicated in particular to the next venice biennale. the festival's leading figures were welcomed by lighting attractions donated for the occasion by marionanni, with Viabizzuno creations that express, by making light, the ongoing pressure for knowledge and research. the lighting design was specially designed by marionanni to accompany the dishes of master chef, massimo bottura.

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