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cos'è per te la luce?, 2011

from 21/05/2011 to 22/05/2011

marionanni progetta con i bambini, laboratorio giocare con l'arte di bruno munari presso il mic, museo internazionale delle ceramiche di faenza.

a collection of ideas about light, a white book ready to gather children's traces, a touring exhibition which collects the thoughts, the ideas, the works, the projects, the poems of light by young designers between 0 and 14 years old from all over the world. this is 'what does light mean to you?', a project conceived by marionanni. the children are the thinkers, the designers, the makers and the artists of these works.

marionanni asked what does their free and pure spirit thinks about light. it is important to encourage their ideas and watch them growing, to be able to observe through their eyes lamps, bulbs, poems, objects and paintings. they are thoughts, suggestions, projects, stories, objects and dreams...because the light goes from the switch to the idea, from the fairytale to the diamond. for the children light is everywhere, not only in sun and stars, but also in shadows, in fireflies, in television and closed in a box. light is them.