attrazionesociale, 2022
opera permanente museo marino marini firenze, cappella rucellai, bronzo ferro riflessione di luce, 366 x 15 cm

it happened, it was april twothousandtwenty. speakers, walls, sidewalks, billboards and signs ordered in unison: ‘social distance’. no lexical choice was ever so miserable and inappropriate. during those days of unknown end-date, it was urgent to conjugate the necessary physical distancing measures with the vital need to feel together, to be firm to stand the vertigo.

socialattraction, a call to our nature. an intimate prayer, to whisper all in one breath, because without each other we stay breathless. a work of art that combines the work of the universal designer leon battista alberti to the evocation of the sacred in the light that reverberates from the altar. the sacellum of the holy sepulchre is a masterpiece of delicacy, harmony, extreme attention to detail. it is universal beauty that joins with the divine light in a prayer that all the voices of the world can whisper. a continuity of bronze engraved in latin, italian and braille to write with light. a work to approach and touch, entering it. to his heart a sign of light that is reflected in the red, a whisper of light. in the silence let us find each other, let us join together, let us welcome one another. into the light.