project marionanni 2003

a tiny UpO comes down to earth, but decides not to land, preferring to float in its completely watertight hull. it has come in peace. it is see-through because it has nothing to hide, and, in fact enjoys casting its delicate light on all that surrounds it, like the shimmering of the moon on the surface of the sea. inside it is home to three tiny leds powered by three ultra-modern rechargeable batteries (NiMH). they are working in complete harmony with one another, each strategically placed : one lower axial and the other two placed radially on opposite sides. they light up in a host of combinations: red-white, blue-white, blue-blue, red-red. like technological fireflies, they are sensitive little creatures blinking in the dark. they wait for the circuit to close and for both poles to caress the water, before they start to glimmer. a brief charge makes them flicker on and off.

then comes their startling transformation into gliding lamps or reading lights. they are nurtured by this contact, and once separated, shine for 5 seconds more, then sink into darkness. they love playing with colour and light, bobbing around carefree in a pool or a hot bathtub, while you relax with a book or take a relaxing stroll. but once their games are over, they take wearily to their beds and snuggle down to be recharged with precious energy until the current of sleep leaves them, and they awake, revitalized, ideally, they should sleep for fourteen hours before they are refreshed enough to return to their playful games, dancing in our hands or among the waves of water, illuminating all around.

product by Viabizzuno series Alvaline